About Me

A Bay Area native, I have lived between the West and East Coast for a good portion of my life. I attended high school in Monterey, CA, and college in Boston, MA. I now reside in sunny Southern California working as a Lab Manager for a developmental psychology lab.

Professionally, my research interests include fairness and inequity judgment in children, cognitive development and socioeconomic status, and how children reason about emotion. With five years of child development research under my belt, I am in the process of applying to graduate programs. I eventually want to figure out the most accessible way to communicate important research findings to the public.

Personally, I love to write (hence the creation of this blog), read poetry, go skiing, play with my cat named Tiger, and make cold brew :) I'm also learning how to surf although I think it will be a while until I consider myself a true surfer.

Lucy at Northstar in Lake Tahoe